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Do I Have To Sign Any Type Of Agreements?
What You sign is an agreement stating that you agree to pay the monthly agreed amount, and that if you do not we will bill the card on file. We will make a commitment to you and expect that you make one to us as well. Training is not a game we ask that you take it serious.
How many days do I get to practice?
Our courses are designed to train 3 or 5 days week.
Do I have to pay for belt promotions?
Promotions to next level belts are earned and therefore cannot be bought; however, there is a cost for your new belt, KANKU-DAI ZANSHIN Certificate, Federation certificates, wooden boards and instructors witnessing tests.
What is the recommended age for training?
The recommended age for beginning serious training is from 6 years old, depending on the individuals. However we do offer tiny tots program from age 3, this group works on dicipline, focus, timing, etc…
Do you have many instructors?
No, we don’t believe in that, we have one chief instructor with over 37 years of experience and a two assistants.
What style should I choose?
The only style that really matters is the teaching style of the instructor. Yes, styles vary and you may prefer one style over another, but style should be a secondary consideration. The first priority is finding an instructor that you feel comfortable with and who can motivate you to come to class every week. All styles have their strengths and weaknesses. While it would be nice to say that your body type or flexibility should match up with a certain style, it’s more important to match up with the right instructor and school.
How long must I practice Shotokan before I can defend myself ?
There is no good answer to this question. It depends on many factors: the physical and mental ability of the student, the situations, the people involved, and more. However, this is certain: the more you learn Shotokan, the better chance you have of being able to defend yourself.
Is there an age limit in Shotokan?
No. A child as young as 3 can learn Shotokan. A person as old as 100 can also learn Shotokan under proper instruction. Realistic goals are set based on the needs and ability of each student.
 How Can I  recognize a good instructor from a bad one?
A good instructor is someone who: ” loves to teach and help others ” is sincere, considerate, mature, confident ” has understanding and patience ” can motivate the students ” has a good attitude and good techniques ” cares and is protective of her or his students Observing classes is a good way to judge whether or not a school will be a good learning environment for you. Watch how a class is conducted; see if the students and instructors treat each other with respect and care; observe the safety measures employed to keep the students safe in their training. Listen to your intuitive feelings about the group and the instructors, and try trial classes.
Will I be required to fight in tournaments in order to advance?
No. Even though members of our school participate in tournaments very often and do extremely well and participation allows us to learn from and expose ourselves to other styles. Shotokan is a strong style because of its multi-faceted aspects. However, the tournaments give us a testing ground on which to evaluate our techniques. Tournaments also provide opportunities to make friends and share in the martial arts experience. You cannot grow if you isolate yourself. Tournament participation is completely voluntary but very much recommended. Learning to win over yourself, not others, is the ultimate goal. A win over others is only temporary. When you win over yourself, you become your own master and the rewards are permanent.